My roots are in Maracaibo, a city that gave me a loud accent and a particular sensitivity to color, shapes and sounds. Just born there my two main passions: graphic design and music.

I have been fortunate to share in my professional life these two activities, which for me are one and constantly feed on each other. The graphic design for me, synthesis, communication and art.

Over 15 years of experience in graphic design advertising have enabled me to develop a personal style where aesthetics and expression go hand in hand. I 'm a constant researcher of trends, necessary to encompass the dizzying pace of the times, they are inevitably marked by social media and digital technologies.

The graphic design is becoming itself an irreverent cry estruendosidad noted for its simplicity and for its premeditated. That is the same with music. The inertia of youth introduced me to the jaunty rhythms of traditional and alternative rock, experimenting with different instruments to be seduced by the percussion.

But experience, intuition and research have led me to discover the magical path of the rhythms of our native peoples replica of the multiple voices of a virgin nature and solitary and reflective of our Aboriginal momentum.

Music and design, design and music. None is more important than the other. Both live in me , give it meaning, reason and soul to a life.

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